Can’t be bothered to advertise


To the Editor:

I was really disappointed this week, when only one candidate running for the MV Commission office posted a political ad in the MV Times, explaining who he was. Even though I have lived on the Vineyard for 62 years, I do not know several of the MV Commission candidates, including several who are incumbents. Considering all that has happened in the past year, i.e. the rotary, as well as the power the commission has on the Vineyard, I would expect to have an understanding and clearcut choice of those who are running for this office.

I am one who exercises his right to vote and will do so as well this time. However, when it comes to the commission I will only vote for those I know and respect personally, even if it is less than nine of the choices. The one exception will be Joshua Goldstein, who had the decency to run the only ad in the November 1 Times.

Don Macdonald

West Tisbury