Thank you, thank you, thank you

To the Editor:

On behalf of eight relieved families, I would like to express gratitude to the citizens of West Tisbury for unanimously voting at the recent special town meeting to approve corrections to legal language pertaining to the land and homes at Eliakim’s Way (a.k.a. 250 State Road). A special thanks is due to West Tisbury selectman chairman Cynthia Mitchell, who spoke with wonderful concision and earnestness when describing to the voters the ramifications of not voting in the corrections.

For anyone unfamiliar with our plight, those ramifications were a continued near inability to refinance, or if ever need be, sell. Such circumstances would have eventually ushered in hardship to most involved parties. Bullet dodged.

Throughout the past several months, the good will leant to this endeavor by the town’s boards and committees won’t soon be forgotten, nor will the tireless diplomacy of Island Housing Trust director Philippe Jordi. Without Mr. Jordi’s efforts, this positive conclusion definitely wouldn’t have been possible.

Prudence and generosity, at times odd bedfellows, are seldom overabundant in this world, but the town of West Tisbury has shown it possesses plenty of both – not only on account of the last vote, but on account of all the votes taken and all the decisions made to invest in the Eliakim’s Way sustainable development in partnership with the Island Housing Trust.

Thanks for having our backs. You’ve essentially re-given eight families their cherished homes and their ties to a community they now have ever greater faith in. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Richard Saltzberg


Eliakim’s Way Housing Association

West Tisbury