Featured favorites: Books in a series


Winter is a good time to hunker down and read a few books. Why not try a new series?

Recommended by Bunch of Grapes

“Son” by Lois Lowry – This is the finale of Lowry’s Giver Quartet. Claire, at age 14, has been declared a Birthmother in her dystopian world. When something goes wrong, she is “decertified.” She begins a long journey to find her missing son, Gabe. Lowry keeps the suspense rising until the amazing conclusion.

“Wanted Man” by Lee Child – This is the latest in the much beloved Jack Reacher series. One winter night in Nebraska, Reacher is picked up hitchhiking along the highway by two men and a woman all wearing identical blue shirts. Clues are uncovered suggesting that the two men have brutally murdered another man at an abandoned pump station. The fun begins.

“Winter of the World” by Ken Follett – This the second part of the Century Trilogy, which began with the World War I “Fall of Giants,” the story of five families: an American political family, a Welsh mining family, a wealthy British family, a military German family, and an aristocratic Russian family. Their stories have become entwined as Follett takes them into World War II, as they try to survive one of history’s darkest periods.

“Bring Up the Bodies” by Hilary Mantel – “Wolf Hall” began this trilogy with the fall of Katherine and the rise of Anne Boleyn and the birth of her daughter, Elizabeth. Henry VIII has severed ties with the Pope and made himself head of the church. This trilogy is seen through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell, a commoner of formidable intellect, who knows that one false move and he could find himself on the chopping block. Because Boleyn has not produced a male heir, Henry’s eyes have begun to roam again.

“The Twelve” by Justin Cronin – In this second book of the apocalyptic trilogy, “The Virals,” 12 convicts that have been injected with a virus that changes them into zombie-like creatures still roam the earth. Amy Harper Bellafonte has the job of saving mankind along with her weird, virus-compromised sidekick named Alicia Donadio. Who will win this battle?

Recommended by Edgartown Books

“Matched Trilogy” by Ally Condie – A thrilling teen series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Unpredictable twists and revelations will leave readers satisfied with the fates of their favorite characters.

“Sookie Stachouse Series” by Charlaine Harris – Wicked fun and romance…and yes, vampires. Great series that will have you laughing out loud.

“All Souls Trilogy” by Deborah Harkness – Harkness has crafted a gripping journey through a world of alchemy, time travel, and magical discoveries. Be prepared to be dazzled. We can’t wait for the third.

“The Clifton Chronicles” by Jeffrey Archer – This series includes a cast of colorful characters and takes us from the ravages of the Great War to the outbreak of WWII. A great story from a master storyteller.

Recommended by Book Den East

“Bernard Shaw Collected Works” (being the Ayot St. Lawrence edition of 1930; limited to 1,790 sets of which this is no. 831) 30 volumes in good condition; as nice a set as you are likely to find ($300).

“English Literature: An Illustrated Record From The Beginnings To The Age Of Tennyson” by Richard Garnett (1903-1905) – A beautifully illustrated (many in colour) comprehensive survey; tight and bright (though showing some wear and with new spine labels); 4 volumes, each in 2 parts, eight books in all ($195).

“The New Tom Swift Jr. Adventures” by Victor Appleton II (1954) – Volumes 1-29 complete, illustrated; containing the adventures of the boy-hero into the second half of the 20th century ($120).

“History of the Jews” by Professor H. Graetz (1891) – Six volumes in very good condition, considering their age; half-leather bindings; published by the Jewish Publication Society of America ($135).

“The Interpreter’s Bible: A Commentary In Twelve Volumes” (1952) – A monumental analysis for the specialist collector or student of religion or the bible; includes a 13th volume supplement ($225).