Twelve year old burglars, then a copycat, arrested in Edgartown

Edgartown Police Department

Edgartown police this week solved two nighttime burglaries last week in the downtown business district. Although the two are not related, the investigation revealed that the cases were connected in an unusual way.

Police arrested one 12-year-old and summonsed another for the theft of computers from the offices of Sandpiper Realty at 60 Winter Street on Monday, November 19.

Police also plan to seek charges against Patrick McHugh, 26, a former employee of the Dock Street Diner, in connection with the theft of $300.

Last week, The Times reported that Edgartown police were investigating a break-in at the Sandpiper offices, where thieves stole two computers and emptied candy dishes, and at Suka, a clothing store on North Water Street, where thieves stole clothing.

After seeing an account of the thefts from Sandpiper in The Times, a nearby resident called police and gave a very specific time frame for the robbery, Det. Sgt. Chris Dolby said. Based on that information and other clues about young people in the area, Detective Dolby reviewed surveillance video and identified a suspect.

He called the parents of the suspect, who found the stolen computer in the boy’s room. He was uncooperative and was arrested. The investigation led to the other suspect, and the other computer. The second suspect was summonsed to Juvenile Court.

Both boys will face charges of breaking and entering, larceny, and destruction of property in Juvenile Court. Police withheld the names of the suspects because of their ages.

Early on the morning of November 26, police investigated a burglary at the Dock Street Diner. They found signs of a break-in similar to the other two burglaries. About $300 was missing from the diner cash box.

Police focused their investigation on Mr. McHugh, who had worked at the diner for about a month. Police were aware he had a record of substance abuse, Detective Dolby said.

When questioned, Mr. McHugh confessed. He told police he saw an opportunity.

“He saw the articles in the paper,” Detective Dolby said. “He figured he would make it look like the other break-in, and we would think it was connected.”

Police issued a summons for Mr. McHugh to appear in court on charges of breaking and entering, larceny, and destruction of property.

Police are still working on the theft from Suka. They do not believe that case is related to the other two. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 774-310-1190.