Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions: December 10–14, 2012



Dec. 10, Holly Farm LLC sold 277 North Rd., 265 North Rd., and lots on Gosnold’s Way and Brickyard Beach to You Dirty Rat LLC for $4,100,000.

Dec. 13, Elizabeth Allard sold a beach lot to Lawrence S. Kanarek for $310,000.

Dec. 13, Kendall P. Harris, trustee of Sydney P. Harris Living Trust, sold a lot on Middle Line Rd. to Clark M. and Pamela S. Goff for $460,000.

Dec. 14, Marcia Ann Draper sold a Quansoo Beach Lot to Amy Aronson for $307,500.

Dec. 14, Thomas Louis Langman, Nicholas W. Langman and Andrea De Laperouse sold a 1/11% interest each from NWL & ADL in 2 Salt Meadow to Lynn Langman Lilienthal for $425,000.

Dec. 14, Deborah L. Lesser sold an interest in Lot 3, 8 Salt Meadows to Salty Dog MV LLC for $465,000.


Dec. 10, David G. and Nancy H. Pritchard sold 29 Morse St. to J. Talbot Young Jr., trustee of 29 Morse Street Residence Trust Number One and 29 Morse Street Residence Trust Number Two, for $2,050,000.

Dec. 10, High & Pease LLC sold 48 High St. to David Jay Morton for $1,460,000.

Dec. 11, Margaret N. Pinney sold 79 North Neck Rd. to William A. Pinney for $450,000.

Dec. 11, Claire K. Penney sold 108 Martha’s Rd. to Constantine B. O’Doherty for $315,000.

Dec. 13, Kathleen H. Flynn sold 87 Cook St., Lot 1 to Paul C. and Lisa Cunningham for $652,000.

Dec. 14, Stephen W. and Karyn W. Caliri sold 27 Jason Dr. to Frank Niesuchouski for $375,000.

Oak Bluffs

Dec. 10, Ronald S. and Jayne E. Beitman sold 5 Upper Meadow Lane to David G. and Nancy H. Pritchard for $635,000.

Dec. 14, Patricia Scanlon sold 31 Beacon Ave. to Jennifer L. Galloway and Aaron M. Mateychuk for $251,000.

Dec. 14, Michael A. Jampel sold 1 Laura’s Way to Barbara Gould Plesser for $525,000.


Dec. 11, Cameron C. Brown sold 97 William St. to Dawson Lake LLC for $1,100,000.

Dec. 14, Barbara Gould Plesser sold 15 Leland Ave. to Michael Jampel for $225,000.