Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions: December 17-21, 2012



Dec. 20, Jan W. Whiting, as Commissioner sold a lot on East Pasture Rd. to Stephen and Eva Weinstein for $70,000.


Dec. 17, Wendy H. Bujak sold 20 Chappaquoit Ave. Richard L. Kauffman for $2,100,000.

Dec. 18, Phyllis N. Segal individually and as trustee, Sandy Berger, trustee, and James A. LaPenn, trustee of the Eli J. Segal Family Trust, sold 97 Pasture Rd. to Henry H. and Carol B. Goldberg for $5,244,000.

Dec. 19, Everett M. and Alice J. Rood sold 22B Ocean View Farm Rd. to Mary S. Pease, trustee of Spider Annex Trust, for $355,000.

Dec. 20, Christina M. Brine sold Lot 4 Quansoo Beach lot to Steven M. and Joanne L. Bauer for $310,000.

Dec. 20, Sam and Gale S. Pasternack sold 14 Yardarm Lane to Sarah Glazer Khedouri for $1,250,000.

Dec. 20, Marc R. and Margaret W. Villa sold 28B Howell Lane beach lot to Dagale Conservation LLC for $352,800.

Dec. 21, John Lee sold 108 Hammett Rd. to John P. and Vanessa Cutler McGarry for $2,350,000.

Dec. 21, Robert C. and Robin S. Schletter sold 21 Tilton Rd. to Briarwood Holdings LLC for $3,700,000.

Dec. 21, H. David Lundgren and Mary P. Lundgren sold 18 Trustees Lane to Martha E. Solinger for $905,000.


Dec. 19, John A. Toomey, Daniel P. Toomey, trustee, and Jill A. Toomey, trustee of 80 Schoolhouse Road Realty Trust, sold 80 Schoolhouse Rd. to Richard F. Krug Jr. and Deborah J. Krug for $625,000.

Dec. 19, Raymond P. Norton 3rd and Leslie Babb Norton sold 52 North Neck Rd. to William R. and Katharine C. Coughlin for $1,100,000.

Dec. 19, Jeffrey Y. Flynn, Richard B. Keeler and Patricia C. Post, trustees of Pohogonot Trust, sold a lot on Pohogonot Rd. to Thomas C. Wallace, trustee of Southern Pasture Realty Trust for $5,050,000.

Dec. 21, Eugene A. and Sandra E. Kaplan sold 493 Katama Rd. to Michael and Sara Bernstein for $584,000.

Dec. 21, Hugh J. Maher, trustee of the Hugh J. Maher Living Trust, and Mary M. Maher, trustee of the Mary M. Maher Living Trust, sold 100 Edgartown Bay Rd. to Steven M. and Karen M. Sisselman for $1,050,000.

Dec. 21, David G. Dickinson Jr. sold 9 Hotchkiss Lane to Jason M. and Sandra M. Honeyman for $1,800,000.

Dec. 21, Dunham & Beach LLC, Dunham Road LLC and Scott W. Arundal, trustee of Lynne A. Arundale Family Bypass Trust, sold 35 Dunham Rd. to Tower Hill MV, LLC for $12,600,000.

Dec. 21, BTR Ventures LLC sold 13 Atwood Circle to Alexandra MV LLC for $2,800,000.


Dec. 21, George T. Achille sold 1 Achille Way to John N. Joseph and Dale C. Grayson for $545,000.

Oak Bluffs

Dec. 17, John R. Platt and Roberta J. Platt, trustees of Birdie P. Realty Trust, sold 20 Nunpaug St. to Michael W. and Jessica L. Pinnetti for $450,000.

Dec. 17, Susan W. Sullivan and Thomas G. Confrey sold 49 Springfield Ave. to Albert W. Ritter and Janis I. Joseph for $480,000.

Dec. 21, Elwood J. Nix and Brittany E. Nix-Crawford, f/k/a Brittany E. Nix and Pierrette V. Pearson sold 49 Prospect Ave. to Eugene Erez for $150,000.

Dec. 21, Alexander Moore, Martha Moore, Gay Nelson and Benjamin C. Moore, trustees of Chilmax Trust sold 262 Seaview Ave. to David J. and Julia S. Keefe for $2,600,000.


Dec. 17, Gregory G. Clark sold 196 Spring Hill Rd. to Dante J. and Linda M. Natale for $540,000.

Dec. 17, Warren G. and Beverley J. Pettit sold 58 Pine Tree Rd. to Asa Z. and Heidi Vought for $401,000.

Dec. 18, Roxanne Dolby, trustee of the Dolby Family Trust, sold 24 Dolan Ave. to Joseph P. and Heather M. McCarthy for $357,500.

West Tisbury

Dec. 21, Donald S. Miller and Alice Jean Miller, Richard O. Miller and Mary Miller and Lisa Rosario, individually and as a Personal Representative of the Estate of Bernard Miller and Gregory A. Miller, individually sold 60 Pepperbush Way to Blue Sky LLC for $1,055,000.