It’s hard to believe another year has passed and it is time to celebrate great-grandma Bette’s birthday again.

Yes folks, Elizabeth (Bette) Flanders Carroll will celebrate her ninetieth on Wednesday January 30. She has managed to fill many shoes over the years — including her days alongside her late husband, Curly, at the Chilmark Tavern, sorting mail and assisting neighbors as postmistress, tending the books at Menemsha Texaco, and serving on the town Historical Commission and as an election officer.

Bette loves her music, and as we all know she is an avid harmonica player. She can certainly belt out a tune with the best of them, and if you haven’t been lucky enough to have her play “happy birthday” to you either in person or over the phone, you simply haven’t lived life to its fullest just yet. Not only does she play for the enjoyment but, in fact, she plays for breathing exercise. You might be able to catch her on Squid Row when Ballyhoo arrives for an impromptu gig. Bette is usually right behind them with her harmonica in hand. “Red Wing” and “You are my Sunshine” are a couple of favorite tunes. All of the regulars have managed to learn the words. I foresee a traditional Chilmark sing-a-long in our future. Merrily Fenner will take charge of coordinating music.

I could go on and on listing her very many accomplishments and talents, but I will leave it to you to chat with her at her birthday shindig at the CCC on Wednesday, January 30, at 5 pm. If you are able, please consider bringing some sandwiches or finger foods to share. Contact Tim Carroll at or track him down at the town hall. He rarely leaves the building so call (508) 645-2101 and you will likely catch him. If you have a musical instrument you’d like to play for her, bring it along. It is bound to be a grand evening.

The Chilmark Library is gearing up to “go live” with CLAMS. Sometime in the next four to six weeks there will be an enhanced borrowing system right here in town. Ebba Hierta has been to CLAMS headquarters in Hyannis for training, and the library had an all-staff introduction to circulation functions training there last Thursday. Their training continues both in house and out and about at down-Island libraries using the system. We all know hands-on training is the best method for learning. Once the system is in place, Ebba plans to have a patron introduction workshop for anyone interested in a bit of a tutorial.

In the meantime, the lovely ladies at the library are looking for volunteers to assist with various tasks, including barcode duplication. Some of the older books have barcodes on the inside, but they need to be on the outside, so the state has lent a duplication machine. They are working tirelessly and have made it about halfway through the adult fiction section and have mystery, non-fiction, and youth to complete. An additional task for computer-savvy volunteers is cleaning up the DVD records so they conform to the CLAMS catalog format. Call or check in at the library if you want to help. Also, be sure to stop in to preregister for your CLAMS card.

Pathways Projects Institutes, housed in the Chilmark Tavern, will host its arts opening on Friday, January 25, from 7 to 9 pm. Pathways is a place for artists and those who appreciate the arts to gather, engage, and enjoy one another. Poetry, visual arts, music, and more find their way through the door. Please email for further information.

Wesley Cottle managed to collide with a deer the other day. He is fine but the front end of his car, although drivable, is in sad shape. It was nice to bump into him and hear the story first hand although, as always he told his pal Don Hurley first. Hello Don.