Everyone is out having fun here, there, and everywhere with February break in full swing. The Searles are down in Vero Beach visiting with Bud and Sue Lamoreaux. The Dolbys are a bit further inland, hanging out with Minnie and Mickey, and the Garvins are headed that way as well.

In the opposite direction, the Jordans have headed north to Rangley, Maine, to enjoy a fine balance between outdoor winter sports and indoor winter coziness. Bobsleds or board games, it sounds like a treat.

Liam Welch spent his winter break visiting with Aunties Jenny and Melanie, here in Edgartown. Among the highlights of his trip were eating chicken wings at Offshore Ale and perfecting his repertoire of “magic tricks.” This kid really knows how to make things disappear if you close your eyes as instructed. And the coolest thing of all: Liam got to hear his forthcoming cousin’s heartbeat in Auntie Jenny’s belly. So awesome.

Meanwhile, Liam’s grandparents are all off gallivanting in the tropics, as per usual. Cheryl and Lee Welch are down south, island-hopping on their boat, while Margaret and Norman Rankow have conducted their annual revolving door of hosting duties in St. John. Visitors have included Donna and Coo Cavallo and Dee and Jon Laird. All got to partake of a time-honored February pastime: harvesting the coconuts from the trees of the Rankows’ residence on Fish Bay and consuming the rewards, the ensuing fresh cocktails.

Sending healing thoughts out to John Henry O’Shaughnessy, who is currently recovering from his second knee surgery, an ACL reconstruction. It’s a bummer of a way to spend winter break, for sure, but at least the promise of cake is involved, with John Henry’s birthday due on February 28. Best of luck getting back on your feet, buddy.

Cookie Perry is back at the Anchors with a Spring Wreath design just in time for Easter. Please join her for wreath-making on Tuesday, March 19, at 1:30. Sign up by March 5th. For more info, call 508-627-4368, ext. 10 or 14, or stop by and see one of Cookie’s wreaths on display at the Anchors.

The 13th annual Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival begins on Friday, March 15, and ends on Sunday, March 17. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Friday, March 1. This year’s guests include film subjects, Oscar-nominated directors, producers, writers, an MIT historian, and local musicians. New this year, live theater performances will precede selected films. All weekend long you’ll enjoy live music in the Hay Café which will offer locally sourced meals prepared by farmer/chef Chris Fischer. Visit tmvff.org for a full schedule and further details. If you’d like to volunteer, please email volunteers@tmvff.org for details.

Birthday wishes go out this week to those boundless Meehan twins, Kurstin and Jackie (Millard), who celebrate February 28. Special unbirthday wishes go out to Rico Robb, who I believe will be 12 and a quarter this year, as he must wait a while for his next Leap Day birthday in 2016. Big balloons for Ryan Barbini on March 2; doggy ear licks for Kathie Case on March 3; and sunny skies for Laura Bryan and all the coolest colored pens for Lizzie Wallo on March 4. A well-deserved Saturday drink goes out to Gail Avakian, March 6, who will be celebrating her day in the Caymans. Hope you all have fun.