Crowd-sourcing the question, where do you read?


We asked the question of social media friends. Here’s a small sample of responses, in which we learn that the keys to the right place to read include soft seating, a place to put your feet, a cheery fire, and a dog or two, even a cat.

“On my front porch on Spring St…special wicker chair with my feet up and an iced coffee. Always make time after work and on the weekends. In the colder months, on the sofa with my feet on the coffee table with my reading lamp. Always have a book with me; you never know when you can grab five minutes somewhere!”

— Helen Mickelson, Vineyard Haven

“On the couch, in front of a crackling fire, under a soft afghan with the weight of my purring cat on my lap.”

— Amy Reece, Oak Bluffs

“These days, usually in bed with a dog (or two) snuggled nearby. For warm weather I created my own little ‘grotto’ out in the shady backyard with lots of flowers, comfy Adirondack chair, cushion, side table to hold snacks and drinks, and a foot stool.”

— Janice Haynes, West Tisbury

“Our loft has transformed from an office, to playroom, to a reading nook.”

— Kate Feiffer, Oak Bluffs