You can hear WMVY at 96.5 FM


Longtime Vineyard radio station is back on the air, at least in southern Rhode Island.

For nearly a decade, radio listeners in and around Newport, R.I., have been able to hear on 96.5 FM.

The recent purchase of WMVY’s broadcast outlet on 92.7 FM in Martha’s Vineyard by WBUR left WMVY to rely on its Internet presence. A successful fundraising campaign of over $600,000 allowed WMVY to live on as an Internet broadcast station.

In a new development, an agreement between Friends of mvyradio and Rhode Island Public Radio will allow residents and visitors in the greater Newport area to continue to be able to hear WMVY on 96.5 FM as well as on the Internet, according to a press release.

First, Rhode Island Public Radio will continue to broadcast its regular local public radio programming from its Narragansett station on 102.7 FM. Second, utilizing digital HD Radio technology, Rhode Island Public Radio will add a second channel carrying WMVY’s programming from Martha’s Vineyard. Third, by acting as a relay, Rhode Island Public Radio enables the Newport station on 96.5 to continue to broadcast WMVY to regular FM radios. Narragansett Bay listeners who don’t have a digital HD Radio receiver can continue to listen to WMVY on the Newport 96.5 FM signal.

“The passion and concern of our Newport listeners during the Save mvyradio campaign was very evident,” said PJ Finn, WMVY program director. “In just a few short years on 96.5, we have made a strong connection to Aquidneck Island, and we’re thrilled that this connection will remain strong.”