Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions: March 4-8, 2013



March, 8, Sandra B. Copenhaver sold 6 Church Pasture Way to Robert M. McCarron, trustee of Harvest Productions Trust, for $2,220,000.


March 4, the Morash Family LP sold 10 Field Club Dr. to Ronald G. Redmond Jr. and Kathleen M. Redmond for $1,805,000.

March 4, Cherchello Associates LLC sold 1 Boldwater Rd. to Martin J. and Joanne C. Homlish for $5,400,000

March 7, Robert Murphy, trustee of Sickle Moon Realty Trust, sold 3 and 7 Pocha Ave. to North Star Land Foundation for $18,000.

Oak Bluffs

March 6, Stephen T. and Deborah A. McGlynn sold 15 Leslie’s Lane to Robert C. Williams Jr. and Sabrina M. Williams for $272,500

March 6, Michael Torcia and Christine Porcello sold 13 Netock Ave. to David L. and Michele Frost for $719,000.

March 6, Patricia A. Costa, trustee of Hethern Heights Realty Trust, sold Lot 41 Lagoon Rd. to John P. and Lisa A. Reagan, trustees of Reagan Realty Trust, for $165,000.

March 8, Martha’s Vineyard Saving Bank sold 249 County Rd. to Mark Thaddeus Przybylo and Judy Leslie Jones for $375,000.


March 8, Leslie L. Vivian, 3rd, Mary S. Vivian, Andrew S. Dintenfass, trustees of the Anita W. Vivian estate, sold 24 Crocker Ave. to Harold J. Halpin and Joan R. Halpin, trustees of the New Millbank Family Trust for $1,375,000.

West Tisbury

March 6, Wendy C. Jones sold 29 Brook Hollow Rd. to Edwin J. Merck for $832,000.