It’s hard to believe that hippity hoppity Easter is already on its way, but there you have it. And if you and the little ones would like to plan a meet-up with Mr. Easter Bunny of Bunnytrail Way, or just collect some of his eggs, there will be ample opportunity. He has scheduled stops at the Harbor View, the Dr. Daniel Fisher House, and various other locations, scattering his eggs as he goes, so go find your photo op, or else just enjoy the hunt.

Congratulations to sixth-grader Alexis Condon, who came out the victor in the Vineyard’s 22nd Regional Spelling Bee, Friday morning with her seventh round spelling of “lithe.” Alexis will move on to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee held during Bee Week, May 26 through May 31, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland, along the shores of the Potomac River, near Washington, D.C. The championship finals take place from 8 to 10 pm, Thursday, May 30. They will be broadcast on ESPN. Good luck, Alexis! We’ll all be cheering you on.

You guys are making me work extra hard these days. We are right on the precipice of the Island coming to life, with so many shops and restaurants ready to throw open their doors in the coming weeks. The spring promises bird sightings, new flowers in bloom, visitors, and trips, and fundraisers aplenty, but right now? Ho hum. We wait.

I had a great conversation this weekend with Molly Purves, who writes the Aquinnah column, about the trials and joys of reporting for our respective towns. There is such an ebb and flow to our Vineyard calendars and lives, which challenges us each week with either a virtual onslaught in the inbox or radio silence. Right now, we all stand by with poking sticks trying to wake this place up, and in a month, we’ll be rolling right along. And then by August? Pancakes. (That’s an in-joke to my regular readership — probably the only people who haven’t yet turned the page from my blabbering.)

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me through News Lite weeks such as this, and get in touch and let me know what’s going on with you and your family. Who’s coming to visit? Who’s starring in the play — at school or in an impromptu backyard production? Who’s checking out colleges or has a new haircut or lost a tooth? Any fun plans for school break? Keep me posted.

Go get in touch with your inner flappers and gangsters at the Vineyard Montessori School’s Big Speakeasy, A Roaring 20s Casino and Auction Night to be held at Dreamland on April 6 at 7 pm. For info, call 508-693-4090.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Janice Belisle on March 28, to Jennifer Smyth on March 31, and to Julie Williamson on April 2.

Extra special birthday love goes out to my dad, Mike Dolby, who celebrates March 31. We will be eating our weight in chicken at Wright’s Farm Restaurant in Rhode Island with my husband’s family to celebrate.