Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank conserves part of Whippoorwill Farm

Whippoorwill Farm on Old County Road will remain in agricultural production under the terms of a Land Bank agricultural preservation restriction. — Photo by Susan Safford

The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank has bought an agricultural preservation restriction (APR) over 4.5 acres of the approximately eight-acre Whippoorwill Farm on Old County Road in West Tisbury.

The seller is Andrew Woodruff. The purchase price is $43,000 per acre, or approximately $193,500.

James Lengyel, Land Bank executive director, said the APR conserves those portions of the farm not now occupied by buildings or solar panels. Mr. Lengyel said that in addition to conserving the land for agricultural use or livestock, the APR includes a scenic component that requires Mr. Woodruff to open up and maintain the view to Old Holmes Hole Road, an ancient way that is adjacent to the property.

The agricultural easement signed with Mr. Woodruff requires that he actively farm the land. If he does not, the Land Bank retains the right to lease it to someone else.

Mr. Woodruff is well known as the head of a popular community supported agriculture (CSA) program. He will continue to grow vegetables and sell them as part of the CSA he has operated for many years, the Land Bank announcement, made Tueday.

The Whippoorwill Farm purchase is the fourth Land Bank purchase on Old County Road, according to a press release. In 1992, the Land Bank bought what is known as the Old County Arboretum; in 2001,the development rights on the Child Farm East; and in 2007the development rights on the Square Field.