Martha’s Vineyard Community Notes


Patients to Patients Project

The Patients to Patients Project is a long-term undertaking with three goals: to provide chronically ill children and their families on Martha’s Vineyard with ongoing support and comfort; to provide the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital small gifts for their patients; and give the children who have been admitted to Children’s Hospital for any illness toys, books, projects, and room decorations through fund raising and donations.

In an email to The Times, Claudia Nelson of Tisbury said the Project was born out of her family’s firsthand understanding of what it is like to have chronically ill children.

“We know how it feels to be given horrid diagnoses, lifelong challenges, and all the emotional and financial difficulties and fears that go along with them,” she said. “We wish to help other families and children who endure the same trials, and hopefully, make their path just a little brighter.”

Ms. Nelson said the project has already made one donation of children’s toys to the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital. Nelson Mechanical Design, Inc., and another anonymous donor have made monetary donations which will go toward the CF Clinic’s older patients.

“We will continue to fundraise to buy toys for the little kids, projects and books for the older kids, and gifts for the adults who have CF and still have their doctors at Children’s because it is the only CF clinic in New England,” she said.

“The clinic has, in the past, had small toys to give out, which, for our daughter, Nina, turned difficult appointments into something positive. Some of the patients of the clinic still have their little stuffed animals or toys years later. The clinic no longer has anything to give out, so the Patients to Patients Project is hoping to keep them completely stocked from now on.

“For families on the Island who have children with chronic illness, like ours, we are working on a wide range of ideas to support them.

“Families with chronically ill members are tough as nails — they have no other choice. They’ve learned how to shoulder it all and still keep going.

“But they still need support, dinners, offers. They’ve taken financial hits from hospital bills, pharmacy bills, transportation bills. They still need people to listen and care and empathize as if the diagnosis was new again because the health issues keep changing, demanding, and hurting.

“We are here to listen and care and empathize as if it were new after however long it’s been. And we will do whatever we can to continue to support, provide dinners, and create opportunities for these families. It will never get old for us. We are living it, too.”

Families can sign up by leaving a private message on the Patients to Patients Project Facebook page or by calling 508-627-0700.

Pink & Green Festival

The Edgartown Board of Trade announced it will sponsor its second annual Pink & Green Festival from May 10 to 12.

“Edgartown provides the perfect backdrop for the festival with double pink Kwanzan Cherry trees in full bloom and freshly emerging greenery lining its streets,” according to a press release.

“Behind this perfect setting lies the history of pink and green dating back to the sixties, when Jackie O wore a dress by Lilly Pulitzer. The look was an instant sensation and Edgartown was at the center of the style. Clothing stores such as Fligor’s, The Village Store and Murray’s became the hub of the cherished pink and green trend. More than 50 years later, the village of Edgartown is still embracing the classic look.”

The three-day festival will include a weekend-long Pink & Green drink contest and a Saturday night Pink and Green Ball hosted at the Field Club in Katama with music by the Sultans of Swing and food by The Kitchen Porch.

Tickets are $75 and are available at The Christina Gallery, In the Pink, and at

Calling all Minnesingers

The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School widely acclaimed singing group, the Minnesingers, is compiling a Minnesinger Alumnae Directory that will incorporate over 40 years of history, and planning its first Summer Soirée Reunion Gala in support of a Minnesinger Alumni Association.

Past Minnesingers, parents, and friends are asked to email contact information, including years of participation, to Annemarie Reid ( or 508-693-4105) or William H. Smith