Shellfish Extravaganza and Chowder Contest on Saturday

Enjoy a $1-a-piece raw bar this Saturday as part of the event. — File photo by Ralph Stewart

The Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group, a nonprofit organization producing shellfish seed for the Island’s ponds to supplement fisheries and improve water quality, will host a benefit party at the Chilmark Community Center this coming Saturday, April 20.

The Shellfish Extravaganza and Chowder Contest is from 7 to 10 pm, and features music by Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish, a silent auction, and two $1-a-piece raw bars.

Among the competing restaurants are State Road, The Beach Plum, The Port Hunter, Outermost Inn, M.V. Chowder Company, Lucky Hank’s, Among the Flowers, The ArtCliff, Herring Run Kitchen caterers, and more.

“The money raised will ensure that millions of oysters, clams, and scallops keep being born at the hatchery each year and raised until they are old enough to fend for themselves and populate our beautiful Vineyard ponds,” wrote Amandine Hall, Hatchery Manager, in an email last week.

For more information about the group, which is a consortium of the all the Island shellfish departments, visit