Chilmark selectmen set new, higher, dock fees


Chilmark selectmen approved a new fee schedule for the town harbor, reviewed work on the town dock, and reviewed nominations for new members for the town shellfish committee, at their Tuesday meeting.

Philippe Jordi, executive director of the Island Housing Trust, started the meeting by presenting a certification of appreciation to selectman Warren Doty for serving seven years on the non-profit’s board of directors.

“I’ve been on a lot of boards but never gotten a certificate,” Mr. Doty said.

Selectmen also reviewed a proposal from Stan Larsen for a mussel farm at a 10-acre site off Nomans Land. The site was approved by selectmen for an aquaculture site several years ago but never used.

Mr. Larsen is proposing to grow the mussels in lobster pots using a long trawl.

Shellfish Constable Isaiah Scheffer said the shellfish committee was in favor of Mr. Larsen using five of the ten-acres. He said Mr. Larsen still has to get a permit from the state to operate the mussel farm.

Selectmen unanimously approved the five-acre aquaculture site, but noted Mr. Larsen may have a hard time getting the permit from the state.

“This is basically a shot in the dank you don’t know if its going to work but he has the boat . . . he is anxious to try,” Mr. Doty said.

On a different topic, Mr. Scheffer said the shellfish committee held a lot of meetings this winter and a few members were unable to attend for a variety of reasons. Member Wesley Brighton already submitted a letter of resignation, he said.

Mr. Scheffer recommended adding two members. Wayne Iacono and Dennis Jason Jr. have already expressed interest in joining, he said.

Selectmen said they would be doing appointments at their next meeting on May 21.

Selectmen also reviewed a new fee schedule for the town dock in Menemsha, which among other things call for an increase from $2.75 to $3 a foot for boats tying to the transient dock.

Electric service would increase from $5 to $15 for 30 amp service and $10 to $30 for 50 amp service. “We had this discussion in great detail with the harbor advisory committee . . . this was their recommendation,” Mr. Doty said.

“And we do have a new harbor now,” selectman Jonathan Mayhew added.

Harbormaster Dennis Jason said the increase to $3 per foot at the transient dock was fair but said the increase to $30 for 50 amp service was, in his opinion, “a little high.”

Selectmen also met with members of the town beach committee beach to discuss the situation regarding beach superintendent Martina Mastromonaco lifeguard certification.

Earlier this year selectmen decided that the longtime beach superintendent had to complete her lifeguard certification by July 1.

Members of the beach committee told selectmen that Ms. Mastromonaco had passed her pretest for lifeguard certification and was now on track to receive her certification by May 1.

“I think we are al glad to hear that she is going to achieve her goal by July 1,” selectman Bill Rossi said. “We agree that we will honor our work that if she passes her test we are going to reappoint her,” he added.

Selectmen said Ms. Mastromonaco might have to wait until she officially receives her certification before she is reappointed.

Mr. Rossi also gave an update on the progress of a committee charged with making repairs to the Squibnocket Beach parking lot. The committee is negotiating with property owners on a solution that could involve moving the parking lot.

“I think we are in a sensitive place right now and I don’t want to report too much . . . were meeting with the people we need to meet with and I feel good about the direction its going,” he said.

Mr. Rossi said the goal is to at the very least is to make sure the parking lot is in “respectable” condition by the start of the busy summer season.