Well, the rain certainly did not keep anyone away this past holiday weekend. Town was a zoo! Luckily, I had parking karma on my side all weekend and had no trouble nabbing good parking spots downtown — so far, so good. Now I wish I could hit a pause button, because it feels like we go directly into fast-forward mode between now and the Fourth of July. I’ll need to solidify my list of summer resolutions so that I don’t once again find myself on Labor Day, bustling to get it all in. I’m already doing a little too well on hitting my fried clam consumption quota.

The Kleins hosted their annual barbecue on Sunday afternoon, always a fun affair. A highlight this year was seeing all of the new little faces the stork has brought since last year — Grace O’Hanlon, Benjamin Sylvia, and of course the host with the most, Elliot Klein — as well as the big kids, who just last year were toddling and have since shot up like weeds. It’s always fun to see the next generation of Athearns, though I suppose it would be àpropos to compare the budding farmers to something other than weeds. Strong stalks of sweet corn? How does that sound?

Also in attendance were Tom and Laura O’Grady and children, Thomas and Charlie, who were visiting from Connecticut with Addy and Andrew Smith. Thomas and Addy have been good friends since birth, when both of them lived in New York City (Thomas’s favorite city), before Thomas moved to Connecticut (Thomas’s favorite state). Addy will be joining Thomas as a Connecticut resident next month, which is sure to raise the state even higher in his esteem.

Alexis Condon, and mom, Carlene Gatting are off to Washington, D.C., this week for the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Alexis and twin sister Mackenzie are in the 6th grade at the Edgartown School. They are both amazing spellers, and came in first and second in the school last year. Alexis is looking forward to an event-filled week in D.C., taking in the sights and meeting lots of other competitors from around the country. Mackenzie will be home with Dad, Fred Condon, and Grammy Jean, holding down the fort and watching the competition on ESPN. Best of luck to you, Alexis.

Seniors, just because the summer season is nearly upon us, rest assured the programming at the Anchors does not skip a beat. On tap for June are Indian cooking classes, a voice tune-up with Heidi Carter, memoir writing with Lesego Malepe, an Island bike ride with Paul Mohair, a Silver Sneakers walk with Herb Foster, movies, trips to Provincetown and the Massachusetts Audubon Exhibition: The Decoy as Art, A Curator’s Quest for Beauty, and a two-mile sanctuary walk. So go for a walk, write down your memoirs, then invite me over for homemade qorma, please! For a full schedule, check with the Edgartown Council on Aging at 508-627-4368.

Happy birthday to John McCarron, who celebrates May 31; to Hilary Grannis, who celebrates June 2; and to Neil Flynn and Kate Conde, who celebrate June 4. Hope you all have fun.