Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions: May 13-17, 2013



May 14, Nancy Kidd Brown f/k/a Nancy E. Kidd sold

11 Greenhouse Lane to Michael R. Walsdorf Jr. and Christine S. Walsdorf for $1,600,000.


May 15, Mark Andrew Van Derveer sold 18 Forest Ave. to Eric Walker for $3,000.

May 15, Clifford Estrella and Diane Estrella, trustees of DCE Realty Trust, sold 3 Old Wintucket Way to Michael C. Henry and Brigid T. Brennan for $1,485,000.

May 16, Kathryn H. & Patrick W. Ryan Family LP sold 98 Pocha Rd., 36 Bay View Ave., 46 Bay View Ave., a lot on Bay View Ave., 64 Bay View Ave., 96 Bay View Ave., and 98 Pocha Rd. to Katherine J. Kidder, trustee of 98 Pocha Realty Trust, for $3,150,000.

May 16, Edward J. and Carol Ann Khantzian sold 495 Katama Rd. Unit No. F-8 to Michael A. Howland, trustee of 495 Katama Road Unit F-8 Nominee Trust, for $695,000.

May 17, Atlantic Shore Builders LLC sold 117 Herring Creek Rd. to Michael and Kathleen Solecki for $1,775,000.

May 17, Robert E. and Louise A. Grant sold 40 Woodhaven Dr. to Clifford and Diane Estrella for $1,120,000.

Oak Bluffs

May 13, David C. and Karen L. Koundakjian n/k/a Karen Koundakjian Embroski sold 8 Mayhew Way to Elizabeth Zanetti for $270,000.

May 13, US Bank NA, as trustee for the Structured Asset Securities Corp., mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2005-OPT1 sold 72 Pennsylvania Ave. to Gato Properties LLC for $170,299.

May 13, Gato Properties LLC sold 72 Pennsylvania Dr. to Scott Brown for $170,299.

May 15, Leon A. Lafreniere and Susan W. Lafreniere, trustees of the Larfreniere Family Trust, sold 35 Meshaket Way to Ryan and Abigail Dillon for $440,000.

May 16, Stephanie K. Michalczyk, trustee of Stephanie K. Michalczyk Living Trust, sold Lot 7, Forest Hill Ave. to Elizabeth A. Wilson for $165,000.

May 17, Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of Larkin B. Reeves Family Trust, sold 5 Masonic Ave. to Richard Cowen for $274,962.27.


May 15, George A. Howard and George W. Howard, 3rd sold 70 Goah Way to David A. Moreland and Janet L. Adams-Moreland for $540,000.

West Tisbury

May 13, Citibank NA, as trustee for WAMU Series 2007-HE3 Trust sold 2 Duck Pond Rd. to Melissa Dribben and John Stern for $435,000.

May 15, Timothy E. Maley and Eileen A. Maley, trustees of the Maley Family Land Trust, sold 20 Factory Brook Rd. to Sarah Murphy and Gregory Barron, trustees of 20 Factory Brook Road Realty Trust, for $225,000.

May 15, Timothy E. Maley and Eileen A. Maley, trustees of the Maley Family Land Trust sold 40 Sweet William Way to 40 Sweet William Way LLC for $1,600,000.

May 16, Bernice L. Reda, trustee of the Reda Family Trust, sold 19 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to Michael B. and Sally A. Mitchell for $426,000.

May 16, Martha Flanders, f/k/a Martha Flanders Thurlow sold 50 Dr. Fisher Rd. to Daryl O. and Farley J. Pedler for $325,000.

May 16, Linda Jean Hanover sold 30 Skiffs Lane to Timothy E. Maley, Eileen A. Maley, and Sandra Caruso, trustees of the Chloe Maley Family Trust for $630,000.