Last weekend was too cold to be Memorial Day. A lot of visitors claimed that was a fact. So let’s make up for it this weekend.

When we were house-hunting years ago, we came back to the Island for the closing in mid-April. We’d been living in D.C., where the weather in April was always warm and sunny. We arrived here wearing summer clothes and nearly froze to death. I asked whether the Island ever had spring? The seller, a high school teacher, solemnly informed me that spring was the last day of school in June. And he also stated that the next day was summer. Most years that has been true, though this month we have had some perfectly wonderful spring days. Must be the planet is warming up, just as they say.

Join in or cheer on the participants of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life at the Martha’s Vineyard High School this Saturday and Sunday. The Luminaria Ceremony brightens the night with the glow of paper bags containing votive candles, each celebrating friends and neighbors who have suffered with cancer.

Next Tuesday, June 4, is the first day of lobster rolls and clam chowder at the American Legion Hall. Support your veterans and enjoy the taste of summer. Every Tuesday from 4:30 to 7 pm you can eat in air-conditioned comfort or take your supper out to eat on the beach. They have plenty of parking. Cost is still $15.

Then on Thursday morning Mother Goose on the Loose, or Nelia and Amy from the West Tisbury Library, will be at our library at 10:30 am. They will read to children aged up to 3 years. Did you know that the West Tisbury has a collection box for book donations at the West Tisbury School?

I found the car wash at the high school last Monday was very timely. I was surprised to see the signs and very pleased to take advantage of the offer. My car was covered in pollen and stuff from the oak trees. The girls scrubbed and polished and did a wonderful job while I just sat and enjoyed watching them work.

Everyone seemed surprised that the old fire station came down so quickly. We won’t argue because it is true that we need parking spaces but not necessarily right there. We shall see what happens if the selectmen do find a way to collect parking fees. They have automatic ticket boxes in parking lots in Europe. Surely we could do something like that. Summer cops would need to check the dates on the tickets, but they are supposed to monitor parking anyway. I know the old arrangement at the Park ‘n’ Ride to have people buy a parking ticket during business hours at town hall was a serious flaw. We need something better than that. It is not a bad thing to have something new happening in our town.

More on the new Stop & Shop: Several people commented that they think the new setup won’t work for those who just want to run in and grab something. I wonder if the decision makers thought about those folks who come in on the ferry and just hope to get something for supper, planning to do more shopping later on. Of course, if the building is just being transformed, the parking would necessarily have to be on the first floor. So, the next question is: when is all this supposed to happen?

What do you think of the rotary? Sometimes it works and other times the traffic seems to be awfully backed up. I haven’t timed it, nor have I seen any accidents. This summer will be a true test, won’t it?

If you have been too busy to write memories this winter, you may want to know that Susan Klein offers a summer memoir workshop on four consecutive Mondays in July. Spice of Life costs $295 and will run from 1:30 to 4 pm at the Tisbury Senior Center. Call Susan for more at 508-693-4140.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out Saturday to Leslie Rizza and Megan Buchanan. Monday belongs to Myra Stark, Kelsey Breanahan, and Fred LaPiana. Wish the best on Tuesday to Josh Kochin and Pearl Issokson. Happy Birthday to Margie Meltzer and Sarah Owens on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. It must be spring.