Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions: May 27-31, 2013



May 29, Primo A. and Mary D. Lombardi sold 33 Abels Neck Rd. to Peter Principato for $1,875,000.

May 30, Stephen L. and Sarah N. Deschenes sold 45 Blue Barque Rd. to Jeffrey Zack and Patricia Bacon for $967,500.

May 31, Richard M. Russell sold 98 Kings Highway to Douglas Bardwell and Robert Dunkley for $307,000.


May 30, Cecilia Marie Osborn Thompson sold 18 Orran Norton Way to Elizabeth A. Gormley for $590,000.

May 31, Donald G. Aldrich individually and as executor under the Will of Nancy A. Aldrich sold 50 Pinehurst Rd. to Rosemary J. Sereti for $440,000.


May 29, De la Luna LLC, Marci Johnson Howard and George A. Howard, Managers sold 1 Goah Way to Alice Northrop for $185,000.

May 29, Marlene Lelievre sold Unit 11, 240 Sandpiper Lane to Dorothea Arnold for $535,000.

May 30, Mark D. Jenkins sold a lot on Greenwood Ave. to Eugene V. Erez for $155,000.

May 30, Lisa M. Leggio sold 790 State Rd. to Kristen A. Ellsworth and William T. Wing for $345,000.

May 31, Richard L. and Shuang Stoppe sold 22 Cottage St. to Alisun Armstrong and Chris J. Petropoulos for $362,000.

May 31, Daniel Hanavan, trustee of C14 Tisbury Market Realty Trust, sold Unit C14, 79 Beach Rd. to Priscilla Tucker for $230,000.

West Tisbury

May 30, the Island Housing Trust Corp. sold Unit 1 of the 619 Condominium a/k/a 1 Harpoon Lane to Spencer Binney and Elizabeth Kent for $240,500.

May 31, the Island Housing Trust Corp. sold Unit 3 of the 619 Condominium a/k/a 5 Harpoon Lane to Jason and Darcy Neago for $225,000.

May 31, Ponquaget LLC sold Lot 2 off State Rd. to Myles E. Thurlow and Spencer F. Thurlow for $90,000.