Poets Corner: Distance



Distance suits you so well, familiar

like a worn suit, the one you choose

Distance, her long waiting curves you drive

your hands around her sleek horizon

singing along, the CD playing regional American

tripping Four Corners return in continuity

some beat in your blood you stain

Distance with coffee and coke daring

to go deeper, shortening here and there sparking

nerves sharp, breath, trusting, unfinished

satisfaction guaranteed

room for improvement

serenity now


September 2009 (altered lines January 2012)

Valerie Sonnenthal has signed her poems “vjrs” since she took her first plane to California and found a lost memo planner before committing her heart to poetry. She is Editor and Co-Publisher of Avalon magazine and publisher of Errata Editions. She and her family have lived on Martha’s Vineyard for the last seven years.