Bad Martha beer is the newest choice on the shelf


Bad Martha Brewing Company made its product debut in bars, restaurants, and package stores last week with the introduction of two ales: Vineyard Summer Ale, and Martha’s Vineyard Ale, the company’s flagship amber ale made with premium English malt and the finest English and American hops.

The new brew is the dream and creation of Jonathan Blum, a longtime seasonal Island resident, who enlisted the help of Culinary Institute of America grad and brewmaster Jared Rouben, according to a press release.

“I’ve been going around to local restaurateurs and bar owners on the Island giving them tastes of Bad Martha and the feedback’s been great,” Mr. Rouben said. “The clean pilsner malt flavor mixed with the pear aromatics in the Summer Ale are a perfect match for a sunny beach day on the Island.”

Mr. Blum created the beer not only because of his love for Martha’s Vineyard and craft beer, but because he wanted to create and champion a business model that is socially responsible. A portion of beverage profits is shared with local hunger relief charities and employees.

Both Vineyard Ale and Summer Ale are brewed with real Martha’s Vineyard grape leaves so a piece of the Island’s soul is infused in every bottle, according to the company. The “lore of Bad Martha” is told on her packaging and website