“Whatever the Outcome” unveils mural

Artist Traeger di Pietro, left, and project organizer Craig Miner congratulate each other after Mr. di Pietro's painting was pieced back together. — Photo by Kelsey Perrett

At The Field Gallery on Sunday, the outcome of the art experiment “Whatever the Outcome” was finally decided. Forty painted magnetic puzzle pieces, which were distributed throughout the Island the week before, were returned and reassembled to unveil a mural by local painter Traeger di Pietro.

“I’m so grateful you all brought your pieces back so we can see this wonderful painting in full,” Craig Miner, the impetus behind the project, told the crowd. As Miner called their numbers, an array of community members stepped forward to return their magnets to the board.

The first was placed by Vineyard artist Walker T. Roman (who coincidentally will create the next painting in the Whatever the Outcome series). The final centerpiece of the puzzle was laid by Mr. Miner’s seven-year-old nephew Walker Brescia, with a boost from his uncle. When assembled, the complete painting depicted a purple hummingbird coming face to face with a missile.

Mr. Miner dubbed the project “Whatever the Outcome” with the recognition that the puzzle pieces might not all be returned. However, he says the event “couldn’t have gone any smoother.” He thanked the crowd for helping him realize his vision, promising in return, “If any of you out there have dreams, even if you don’t know what they are yet, we want to help make them happen.”