Oak Bluffs


It certainly was a busy weekend in Oak Bluffs. The Harbor Fest was packed with vendors and visitors and the weather was perfect for such an event. Then on Sunday Washington Park was filled with vendors and patrons attending the market sales. I wonder if the rest of the Island towns were empty during those times because everyone seemed to be in our town.

The Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club’s art and flower show, Blooming Art, is Saturday, June 29, from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday, June 30, from 12 noon to 3 pm at the Old Mill in West Tisbury. Admission is $5. See marthasvineyardgardenclub.org or contact Mary at OB.VP@marthasvineyardgardenclub.org for more information.

The Oak Bluffs Library is hosting Book Bingo this summer from July 1 to August 31. Anyone may pick up a bingo card at the library. Each square features a category of book that must be read to fill the square. Anyone who completes a row, column, or diagonal (a BINGO) on the bingo card will receive a $5 gift certificate to Ben and Bill’s ice cream in Oak Bluffs (only one per reader). And, for each row, diagonal, or column completed, each reader will receive one raffle ticket for an end of the summer raffle drawing. The grand price is a $100 gift certificate to Sweet Life Cafe.

There will be an Afrobeat Dance Party with Awa Sangho at Flatbreads as a benefit for THE SAME HEART, a global campaign to help children in poverty. This will feature Motema Music and Media Voices For Children on Thursday, July 11. After a VIP reception at 8 pm, the concert and dance party start at 9:30.

Welcome home to Bert and Hilde Combra who have returned after a five-week vacation to Kirschweiler, Germany, Hilde’s hometown. While there, they celebrated a special birthday party in Hilde’s honor. The party was held at the Edelstein Golf course, and it was attended by family and friends.

Once more the American Legion in Vineyard Haven is making a request for volunteers to help place the flags in Oak Grove Cemetery for the 4th of July. The flags need top be put up at 7:30 am and then they will be taken down at 2:30 pm. There are now 450 flags in the display.

The Oak Bluffs Public Library is in the middle of revising its strategic plan. As part of the process, they are conducting a community survey in order to give the public a chance to comment on library services and on the direction of the library for the next few years. They need as many people to take this survey as possible —— library users, non-library users, Islanders, wash-ashores, summer people and visitors too! Folks can use the following link, http://goo.gl/x4VmH, or obtain a print copy at the library.

Good Shepherd Parish will be holding two fundraisers this summer. The first one is a lobster roll sale on July 4 in front of St. Elizabeth’s Church, both before and after the July 4th Parade. Then at the Tisbury Street Fair on July 8, those delicious Malasadas, Portuguese fried dough, will be sold.

We send birthday smiles to Arthur BenDavid who celebrated on June 25, Ashley Rebello and Leanne Giordano on the 28th, Abbey Grace Marchand and Donna Leon on June 30, Madeline Alley on July 1, Rahmale Hopkins and Deborah deBett. Ratcliff on July 3, and Joe Alosso on the 4th. Birthday smiles to those I might have missed and get well wishes to those in need of a healing smile.Enjoy your week,Peace.