Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club results


At the Edgartown Bridge Club on Monday, July 22, 12 tables were in play. North-South winners were Gail Farrish and Warren Morse, followed by Sue Collinson and Gerry Averill in second, Margery Meltzer and Cheryl Stark in third, Tillie Foster and Trudy Ulmer in fourth, and Jim Kaplan and Carol Butler in fifth.

East-West winners were Mollie Whalen and Joe Ashcroft with a 77 percent game. Second-place honors went to Ann Brown and Audrey Egger, followed by Carol Whitmarsh and Sari Lipkin in third, Molly Mattoon and Judy Cronig in fourth, and Cyndee Dennehey and Penny Guest in fifth.

At the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club on July 23, six tables were in play. First place overall was taken by Bill Blakesley and Cecily Greenaway. Second place went to Barbara Besse and Barbara McLagen, followed by Michel Riel and David Donald in third, Ann Brown and Diana Wendy in fourth, and Gregory and Marybeth Loges in fifth.

At the Island Bridge Club on July 25, seven and a half tables were in play. First place overall went to Barbara Besse and Miles Jaffe, followed by Don Nelson and Lou Winkelman in second, Gerry Averill and Caroline Baum in third, Gail Farrish and Charlie Harff in fourth, Robert and Ency Fokos in fifth, and Barbara Silk and Bea Phear in sixth.

On Sunday, July 27, at the Bridge Club of Martha’s Vineyard, a charity event was offered to raise money for the American Bridge Association Scholarship Fund in memory of Rosemary Taylor, a longtime bridge player on the Island. With 12 tables in play the North-South winners were Ann and Dan Brown, followed by Charlie Harff and Barbara Besse in second, Dierdre Ling and Ed Russell in third, Gerry Averill and Dotti Arnold in fourth, and Cheryl Neal and Gail Farrish in fifth. East-West winners were Paul Howes and Colleen Morris, followed by Brooks Robards and Jim Kaplan in second, Jerry Jones and Charity Randolph in third, Claudia Bowser and Brenda Davenport in fourth, and Betty Dixon and Art Spielvogel in fifth.