Jabberwocky campers had a high time

Counselor Kelsey Loy (rear) and Emmy Sterpe had a great time. — Photo by Tom Silva

A day of parasailing and jet skiing began with a weather delay, but Camp Jabberwocky and Martha’s Vineyard Ocean Sports weren’t about to let some rain stop their fun. Now 10 years old, the annual water day gives counselors and campers a chance to let loose on the water.

It was hard not to notice the excitement as about 25 Camp Jabberwocky counselors and campers stood on the Oak Bluffs harbor boardwalk Friday morning.

Dressed in a life vest with a smile from ear to ear, camper Jessica Fiasconaro said she had the time of her life.

“It was amazing,” she said about jet skiing for the first time. “I was so impressed we didn’t fall. It was her [counselor Arielle Buchholz] first time driving [the jet ski].”

You have to be so attentive to the water, Ms. Buchholz said about her jet ski experience. “When you’re driving on land, the ground is still. But on the water, it’s all different,” she explained.

“But we had a mission, do not flip,” she said with a laugh.

Camp Jabberwocky director Jack Knower said the event started about a decade ago when camp founder Helen Lamb, also known as Hellcat, went parasailing on her 80th birthday.

Mr. Knower said one of the highlights of the day are when campers get to parasail. “You just watch their legs and hands let go and stretch out. It’s therapeutic for them,” he said.

“We thought if Hellcat can do it at 80, we can do it,” he said with a smile.