The Obamas dine out in Menemsha

President Obama greeted visitors at Nancy's Seafood in Oak Bluffs Tuesday. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Updated 9:30 pm Tuesday, August 13, 2013

President Obama enjoyed some take-out seafood and a game of hoop in Oak Bluffs on Tuesday, then took the first lady out to dinner in Menemsha.

The President’s entourage rolled away from his Chilmark vacation home at 12:36 pm, headed once again for Oak Bluffs, and Nancy’s Seafood Restaurant on the harbor. The president greeted a small crowd that gathered in front of the takeout window with handshakes and a big smile.

As light rain fell, the president then chatted with Nancy’s manager Doug Abdelnour, owner Joseph Moujabber, and other staff at the takeout window. He later ducked inside for quick pictures with staff.

According to the White House, the president ordered fried shrimp, fried oysters, onion rings and french fries. The President has visited Nancy’s on each of his Martha’s Vineyard vacations.

Obama then proceeded to the vacation home of longtime friend and advisor Valerie Jarrett in the North Bluff neighborhood of Oak Buffs, overlooking Nantucket Sound.

At about 2:15 the president’s motorcade left Ms. Jarrett’s home, and traveled to the Oak Bluffs School for some basketball. He was joined by Eric Whitaker, one of his closest friends; Marvin Nicholson, White House trip director, and Sam Kass, a senior policy advisor on nutrition, as well as other staff, according to the White House.

The president returned to his vacation home about 4:20 pm.

The president and first lady wrapped up their day with a private dinner at the Beach Plum Inn in Menemsha. They dined alone, according to the White House, arriving at the inn at 7:30 pm sharp, and leaving about 9:15 pm to return to their Chilmark vacation house.

After the brief encounter at Nancy’s Seafood at lunch time, pool reporters did not see the president for the rest of the day and evening.