Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions


Week of Aug. 19 to Aug. 23, 2013


Aug. 20, Robert P. Mello, trustee of the Morse Street Nominee Realty Trust, sold 23 Morse St. to Robert W. and Pauline V. Sheehan for $1,500,000.

Aug. 20, David B. Ramsden, trustee of the John H. Ramsden Trust, and Erica Mason, executor of the John H. Ramsden estate, sold 5 Calebs Common Circle to Robert Mason for $1,000.

Aug. 20, Arthur Williams 4th and Leigh R. Williams sold 25 Louis Field Rd. to SWF LLC for $850,000.

Aug. 22, Melissa A. Willoughby, trustee of the Willoughby Children’s Realty Trust, and Paul Leo Willoughby Sr. sold 77 Thirteenth St. North to Dennis B. Ford for $515,000.

Oak Bluffs

Aug. 22, Elizabeth H. MacPherson, personal representative of the Eunice C. Honey estate, sold 8 Stone Pound Way to Lisa and Brent M. Brown for $507,500.

Aug. 22, JPMC Specialty Mortgage LLC sold 24 Pennacook Ave. to Wallace White Jr. for $480,150.

Aug. 23, Franklin B. Mead and Penelope Bragonier sold 90 Meadow Ave. to David A. and Katie Doremus Halsey for $889,000.

Aug. 23, Virginia M. Siegel, Woodrow W. Hughes, and Elizabeth Ann Marson sold 46 Hudson Ave. to Marc Ezekiel for $450,000.