Meet this merchant: Leslie Segal of Vineyard Audiology

Lesley Segal has been here to help people hear for fifteen years. — Photo courtesy of Lesley Segal

Lesley Segal owns Vineyard Audiology, a private audiology practice in Vineyard Haven.

So, what does an audiologist do?

I provide a range of hearing health services — diagnostic evaluations and consultations; Auditory Processing Disorder testing; assessment of middle ear function; hearing screenings for pre school children; hearing screenings [for adults] for employment purposes and hearing aid evaluations, dispensing, fitting, cleaning and repair as well as tinnitus evaluations.

I work with all ages, from 6 months to 106 years.

What’s the story of your business? How’d you start it and when?

I opened Vineyard Audiology in September, 1998 after moving here with my 5-year-old daughter. Prior to moving here, I lived in Buffalo New York where I worked at Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. I first shared an office on State Road but moved my practice to my home in 2001.

Do you remember your very first days in business? What’s the worst thing that happened? The best?

My first patient was a preschooler who thought it would be great fun to jump onto my newly calibrated speaker system. I was shocked, of course, but totally amused. My next patient was much more sedate. What struck me was how warm and welcoming everyone was.

What’s been the biggest surprise about running a business on the Island?

The biggest difference in the Vineyard for me is the day-to-day relationships I have the fortune to develop with everyone coming into my office.

Does your family get involved?

My daughter is in college. Her career path is completely different from audiology. But, because my own father was severely hearing impaired, she has a real sensitivity and appreciation for my work.

What’s your favorite day-off thing to do on the Vineyard? What is your idea of a “Perfect Vineyard Day”?

On my days off, I love exploring the Vineyard trails. There is an endless supply of new sights. I am so lucky to live here. A perfect Vineyard day is hiking without losing my dog or acquiring ticks.

What’s the one thing you’d like people to know about your business that no one ever seems to ask?

I guess I just want people to know that I am here… to help them hear better! Sometimes, just talking about room acoustics and communication modifications is all they need.