Poets’ Corner: Beginnings


In the beginning we start the same,

A speck of life, a tiny flame.

In darkness swimming, in warmth release,

Join together in mysterious peace.

One goes in and separates,

The essence meets and conjugates.

Tumbling down the feathery way,

Looking for a place to stay.

At first we’re one, then two, then four,

Before too long we’re many more.

Held together by a force so true,

It is the essence of me, of you.

And when the darkness time is through,

We enter to this world so new.

Dr. Kenneth C. Edelin M.D. is a long time seasonal resident of Oak Bluffs and is emeritus professor of OB/GYN at Boston University. Dr. Edelin is the author of “Broken Justice, A True Story of Race, Sex, and Revenge in a Boston Courtroom.”