The search for Vineyard-made gifts – Michelle Gross

There's something for everyone at Portobello Road. — Photo by Michelle Gross

Michelle Gross, MV Times General Assignment Reporter

From: San Diego, California, via New York

Moved to M.V.: Six months ago

Favorite Island Holiday festivity: Can’t wait to find out

My fiancé, Parker, and I agree on most things. Shopping isn’t one of them. On any given Sunday, Parker could think of at least a dozen other activities from football and laundry to perfecting the art of slow-cooked homemade chili. I’ve heard every excuse in his “I don’t like to shop” playbook. However, there’s an exception to every rule, and holiday shopping is one of them.

This year, being our first here on the Island, we’re happily trading in the hectic shopping trips and holiday fares of our New York City past, and going local — Vineyard style. So, on an overcast November morning, wallets and holiday spirits in tow, we set our sights on Edgartown in search of the perfect Vineyard gifts for friends and family.

We started with my mother. A writer, prodigious reader, and without fail the hardest person to shop for, we began our adventure at The Edgartown bookstore — one of my favorite places to spend a lazy afternoon — in search of the perfect Vineyard-inspired read. After a few minutes of perusing the store’s two front shelves that are dedicated entirely to books about the Island, I landed on Arthur R. Railton’s “The History of Martha’s Vineyard.”($25). Railton, who died not in 2011, is credited as being the most comprehensive documentarian of Island history. It was the perfect find.

Only a hop, skip and jump down away, Portobello Road is by far my favorite shopping haunt on the Island. An eclectic something-for-everyone trinkets and treasures shop, the store is chock-full of everything from collectible rubber stamps, stationery and stocking stuffers to books, vintage/repurposed signs, and a variety of home goods.

A sucker for all paper products, I wanted to find some Vineyard-inspired postcards to send to friends and family far and wide. The shop has a solid variety, in a wide range of prices.

Nestled next to L’Etoile, our next stop was Suka, a cozy boutique with everything from clothing and candles to jewelry and accessories. Much to my disappointment, the jewelry, while cute (and expensive) isn’t locally made. They do have some very cute makeup bags that read “Entering Edgartown,” which proved to be the perfect gift.