I hope everyone is still feeling festive, with the New Year approaching. I haven’t started coming up with resolutions yet, but I did promise my editor I would try to start being better about deadlines, and I hope you all will help me by resolving to keep in touch with the latest goings on in all your lives. Other than that, I hope everyone has patience for the January lines at the elliptical machine.

I’m hoping all the kiddos get some snow this Christmas break. I saw the buses out in last week’s storm at the regularly appointed time, so it didn’t seem that anyone was left a lot of time to hit the sledding hill before it all melted again. Nothing like grabbing those tubes and hitting the hill for a couple of runs. Does anyone remember that giant old toboggan that used to live in the barn at Sweetened Water and make an appearance on the hill each year? I remember so many awesome photos of laughing children riding that thing – many of those photos made it to the papers. Where is that thing anyway?

This truly has been the season of the dog, with so many new furry Edgartonians running around. The Johnsons and the Bettencourts recently welcomed brothers, Pogue and Hooper, into their respective folds. The two cuties are English fox red Labs, hailing from Minnesota. Hooper has already been running with his mama, out on patrols with dad, and had a blast playing in the snow. Meanwhile, Pogue slept through the entire Christmas in Edgartown parade in Mary’s arms.

Ava and Camden Townes have a new buddy named Sedona, an eight-week-old charcoal Lab. Says mama, Lauren, “He is adorable and exhausting, just like any newborn or child for that matter.” Enjoy that fuzzy bundle of fun, girls.

Bruschi Dolby got to have a sleepover party with his friend, Hogie Haeger. The two big boys terrorized the neighborhood, and each took about a week to sleep it off. Meanwhile, my dogs got fresh breath for Christmas, courtesy of our friends at Vineyard Veterinary Clinic. Merry, merry.

So where’s the party at this New Year’s? The hot ticket seems to be the Harbor View’s annual party, with the Sultans of Swing and Michael Benjamin Band, a sampling of Chef Nathan Gould’s hors d’oeuvres, fireworks at midnight, and a champagne toast to welcome 2014. For more info, visit harbor-view.com.

Happy birthday to Cooper Avakian, who blew out his first candle December 16, and congratulations to Derek and Brooke on surviving their first year of parenthood. I remember holding that little bundle of early Christmas joy last year for the first time, and it has been so awesome to watch him grow into such a happy, smiley, giggly little dude. Here’s to many more happy turns around the sun.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Rachel Baumrin, who celebrates on December 26; to Seth Butynski, Kevin Foran, and Matt Dello Russo, who share the popular December 27 slot; to Abby Leighton, December 29; and to Alex Avakian, December 30. Hope you all have a fun time.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2014. Let’s see what another year has in store for our awesome little town.