Helen Kincaid Bryan


Helen Kincaid “Nell” Bryan (1929-2013) died at her home in Edgartown on October 27, 2013,

having thoroughly enjoyed the most beautiful month of October she could remember. Nell had a way of keeping life breathtakingly real. Her passage was no different. Her grace, wit, and intelligence lit the way for what we all imagine to be the beginning of something even greater than the life she left behind. Her husband, Gray, who predeceased her by 10 months, was surely there to greet her.

Witnessing Nell’s relationships with friends, family, church, and nature in Brazil, New Jersey, and the Vineyard, one learned that none of these things evolve without honesty, perseverance, and vision. And that no relationship survives without forgiveness, loyalty, and love. All of which you need strength of character to handle. The person she was is a direct result of these core values.

Our sorrow lies largely in knowing that as much as we hope Nell understood how much she was loved, admired, and respected, she probably didn’t. Not because we didn’t convey them but because a person like this doesn’t live their life to be recognized for their strengths. They live their life to help us recognize the strengths in ourselves.

Her children, her grandchildren, nieces and nephews and her great grandson, Jackson, look forward to sharing a memorial service at St. Andrews Church in late June 2014. An announcement will be printed as the time draws near. For now, lift your eyes up, take a deep breath and believe that her love and belief in you is more real now than ever. Consider this the extra dose of courage you were looking for to take the next step forward.

“In life, it all works out” was her famous quote. “Let’s get on with it” was the other.

Peace be with you.