Poets’ Corner: Part One


Actions speak louder than words.

Instructions for an action

poem in your hand.

I. Write the following words so

they cover some space on each page.

II. Or use your own words.

III. Or some of both.

IV. Think springboard.

V. Let yourself feel the edge.

I remembered the poem

like an action

that day they let the first

eighty European starlings free

in Central Park

on March 6th, 1890

then the words escape me

the images drag me deeper

something like a dream

(now breathing is heard)

Valerie Sonnenthal joined the Cleaveland House Poets when she moved to the Vineyard in 2006, She publishes Errata Edition Books on Books series and can be found cooking, swimming, listening to writers, and walking her dogs when she is not teaching or studying Gyrotonic movement, how our feet behave, and any ironic poetic thing.