Suns burn Bulls, Lakers edge cooling Heat


Don’t count out the defending champs just yet. The Suns (4-6) won their third consecutive game, beating the first-place Bulls, 101-86, Monday night in Edgartown. The Suns built an 11-point first quarter lead and made it stick. Jade Cash had the hot hand for the Suns with 33 points. Paul Linderson scored 20, Matt Brown 16, Mike Baptiste 12, and James Holenko 10. Ben Ford paced the Bulls with 20 points, followed by Jack Fielding (16), Jared Silvia (14), and Brant Silvia (11).

The Lakers got back in the win column at the expense of the rapidly cooling Heat, losers of four straight. The Lakers used a balanced offense, with six players shooting in double figures to grab the 98-95 win. Heath Estrella and Sterling Bishop scored 19 points apiece. Close behind were James Rolston (15 points), Dave Bettencourt (12), Pat Rolston (11) and John Healy (10). Nick Viera led the Heat and all scorers on the night with 37 points. Will Fielding added 17, Lucas Brewer 16, and John Neto 13.

RCBL standings: Bulls 7-3, Heat 5-5, Suns 4-6, Lakers 4-6