Oak Bluffs plans to clean, repair water tank


The Oak Bluffs Water District plans to rely on Edgartown to supply water while the town makes needed repairs to one of its primary water tanks. ¨We are very fortunate our neighbors are willing to assist, as we will reciprocate when their tank requires the same maintenance in the near future,” said Kevin Johnson, District Superintendent, in a press release.

Water District officials plan to open bids on Wednesday, February 5, for the sandblasting, priming and painting of the water tank on Alpine Avenue. Work is expected to begin February 15.

The 2-million gallon tank will take around 10 weeks to recondition, weather allowing, for an estimated cost of $900,000, according to a press release. The money was approved at the 2013 District Meeting. “The steel structure was erected in 1982 and is in dire need of preventative maintenance,” said Mr. Johnson.

Tata and Howard Engineers developed the specifications and process and have met with the Edgartown Water Commissioners to ensure adequate storage and fire protection while the tank is being repaired. Meanwhile, cellular towers belonging to AT&T, Sprint, and Dukes County Communications are being replaced by temporary equipment for the duration of the repairs.