Astrological Forecast for February 10-16, 2014


Island astrologer Arlan Wise shares her astrological forecasts with us each week on Mondays. This column is like a cosmic weather report. It is written for everyone based on the sign the moon is in that day and what the planets are doing. Don’t be confused by the signs. This is not like the usual Sun sign astrology columns you see. Go and click onHow To Read this Column for a full explanation. To arrange a personal reading, phone her at 1-(508)-645-9292.

Mercury is off dancing and daring you to get used to life without his help while he takes a little time off. This is the first week of his retrograde period and you just have to get used to it. Get into the habit of double checking all that you write, send, say, and do. Mercury rules cars, computers, travel, and commerce. If you haven’t taken care of those matters, you will have to now. The trick is to stay flexible.

Mercury turns retrograde at 3 degrees of Pisces and backs up to 18 degrees of Aquarius. Because he moves through two signs, he gives you a double dose of matters to review. The area in your chart that holds those degrees shows you where to expect reversals and what you need to work on.

The nodes of the moon change signs from Scorpio/Taurus to Libra/Aries on February 19. They are on an 18-year cycle so it will be helpful to think back to 1996-1997 so see what kind of events they will bring into your life. The major theme for everyone will be being in partnership vs. being on your own.

Monday, February 10 – Moon in Cancer. You’re feeling sensitive today and some of the words that were bantered around yesterday could hurt your feelings if you let them. Don’t dwell on yesterday or on the past, just stay focused on what you need to do today. Use your intuition to lead you to unexpected and surprising opportunities. Check in with family members and give Mom a call.

Tuesday, February 11 – Moon in Cancer. The Sun and Saturn square off and ask you to take stock of what’s going on in your life. They want you to examine your idealism about various issues and see how realistic they are. You have to see if and where you are escaping responsibility about dealing with unfinished matters from the past. Cook your comfort foods tonight.

Wednesday, February 12 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 2:15 pm. It’s a slow morning and it will be hard to leave the house. Your mood lightens up this afternoon and you want to get out and play. Mercury backs into Aquarius to give you a new set of issues to review. You’ll think of what to do and how to do it instead of being overwhelmed by feelings.

Thursday, February 13 – Moon in Leo. Find some time to ignore the stressful demands of work and of other people’s problems and go have some fun. You want to brighten up the winter days with some singing, art, dancing, and all kinds of creativity. Save some of your work for the weekend when you’ll feel more like getting things done. Shop for terrific Valentine’s Day presents for your loved ones and for the kids.

Friday, February 14 – Moon in Leo. It’s a day to love, be loving, and be able to receive love. The full moon offers opportunities to become aware of our unity with all the people on the planet. Do something to make the world a better place for all of us. You have great energy to renegotiate and rebalance your partnerships. You’ll feel the pull of new projects calling to you. Do something very special for your beloved tonight.

Saturday, February 15 – Moon in Virgo. It’s a weekend to work and catch up on all those things on the list that you haven’t gotten to. The Sun and Mercury meet and offer you new solutions to old problems. Today is the middle of this current Mercury retrograde period. Take a look at the past two weeks and figure out what Mercury is trying to tell you. Have fun fixing things.

Sunday, February 16 – Moon in Virgo. It’s a good day to go through closets and drawers and what’s in the cellar. Look around and throw away anything that is used up. Make piles to recycle, give to the thrift store, and to re-gift. Sit down and write what’s on your mind or tackle that writing project you’ve been ignoring. Answer all those old emails. Eat a healthy dinner tonight.