Vandals damage shark sculpture at Sharky’s Cantina

sharky vandals
The wooden sculpture is back in place, with some scrapes and cuts. — Photo courtesy Sharky's Cantina

Vandals damaged a wooden sculpture of a shark outside Sharky’s Cantina in Edgartown late Friday evening, apparently failing at an attempt to steal the sculpture.

Restaurant owner JB Blau has offered a $1,000 food gift card to anyone who provides information that helps Edgartown Police find out who did it. The vandalism happened about midnight on February 7.

Mr. Blau said the sculpture is very heavy, and he thinks someone leaving the restaurant may have tipped it into a pickup truck. He said a passing motorist notified the restaurant staff that the sculpture was lying directly in a travel lane on Upper Main Street.

“We had just closed,” Mr. Blau said. “That could have been super dangerous. I’m guessing that when they pulled out of the driveway and accelerated, it must have fallen out.”

The sculpture is back in place, with some obvious damage.

“It’s got some road rash,” Mr. Blau said. “It’s scraped down to the wood in a couple of spots.”

The vandalism happened at an inopportune time for Mr. Blau. He got the call from his staff, just as his wife went into labor with their third child.

Jesse “The Machine” Green carved the shark figure with a chainsaw during a promotional event this past summer. Mr. Green is the star of National Geographic Channel’s popular “American Chainsaw,” program.