I have yet to see the snowy owl out in Katama, Edgartown’s very own winter game of “Where’s Waldo” this year. My husband claims he and Nick Prescott saw the dude weeks ago, and Donna Cavallo has spied him as well. And then there’s my dad, this column’s own birding correspondent, who has been eluded at every turn. So I will make it my goal by next week to find the little guy so that I can report my triumph and beat my dad to the punch.

The other conversation topic on everyone’s tongues these days it the Olympics. Several of us found the Opening Ceremonies an enjoyable backdrop to an impromptu Friday night pizza party, but another group took their appreciation of the games beyond the realm of spectator sport. Erin and Sean Ready hosted a group of “athletes” representing various countries across the globe in a series of competitive events. Annie and Dan Ennis proved themselves to be the anti-bench-sitters, bringing home the gold for their team. Cassie Bradley and Sydney Mullen shared the bronze metal, which Sydney proudly claimed was due in part to her vast knowledge of geography — a trivia event in which she dominated. Also competing were the Morrisons, the Prescotts, and a couple teams that made the trip from the farther reaches of the Island, so symbolic of the trip made by global Olympians to Sochi. Congratulations, Olympians.

I’ve had an email from Edgartown School principal, John Stevens, recognizing the Edgartown Fire and Police Departments for their crucial role in getting the 7th graders to the slopes this year for their annual ski trip. Students and their families fundraise leading up to this trip, which is three days and two nights at Gunstock. This year, the trip was forced to leave a day early, due to an advancing winter storm. This early departure added considerable expense to the trip. Faced with an over budget trip, or the possibility of shortening this trip, a call was made to the Edg. Firefighters’ Assoc. and Edg. Patrolmen’s Assoc. who, without hesitation, donated the funds to cover the unexpected and additional costs. The trip was able to leave early and went off without a hitch thanks to the generosity of these two wonderful organizations, who came to the rescue. Each year, the 7th graders travel to Gunstock Mountain in New Hampshire to ski and tube as part of this school-sponsored trip. Most students have never had the experience of skiing, which makes this experience most memorable. Kudos, to those who come to the “rescue” in more ways than one.

Attention artists: The Martha’s Vineyard Film Center is opening its lobby to display Island artists’ work. Artists interested inexhibiting their work should submit a letter of intent, a resume/bio, and examples of their work on paper or viaemail by March 15. A committee will jury submissions on March 18. Selected artists will then be drawn by lottery for specific show dates throughout the year. This is great exposure for local artists, as the shows will be advertised on the Film Center website, Facebook, in the newspaper, and by direct email. Contact the MV Film Society for more information, mvfilmsociety.com.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Melissa Lewis, who celebrates February 14; to Ed Jerome, February 16; and to Benjamin Brady Brittle and Lance Loschert, February 19. Have a great day!