Just the place to live


To the Editor:

We live in amazing place for reasons far too numerous to cite. Few would dispute this. I’m writing to pass on two good samaritan stories that illustrate the unconditional generosity of this Island.

I was part of a crew that was helping with the renovation of the First Congregational Church of West Tisbury. Our task was to remove the pews from the church and move them next door to the Grange Hall. It would have been semi-easy for the six of us volunteer “pewgulists,” but we didn’t quite have the right transportation.

I happened to see a truck pull up in front of the church with a low trailer that was 12 feet long. Perfect. I approached the driver, Ernie Thomas, whom I’d never met, and he graciously volunteered the use of his trailer for four hours. Problem solved.

After the pews were renovated, they needed to be moved again last week. I called my friend Fred Fournier at Landscope Design, and he volunteered a great truck and three strong young guys. They and our other volunteers got the pews back to the church with ease, even during the snowstorm.

I’m so glad I get to live here,

Doug Pease

Oak Bluffs