Travel Q: Paris? Prague?

Ok, this isn't on the Vineyard. But if you have any Parisian tips for Danielle — especially off-the-beaten-track museums or bike tours, send'em along! — Photo by Thesupermat, courtesy o

The last time I was in Europe I had hauled a cheap backpack around and ate La Vache Qui Rit (Laughing Cow) cheese triangles (you can buy them at Stop & Shop, so much for authentic French fromage). I showered sporadically and never stepped foot in a real restaurant. Now I’m all grown up with more sophisticated expectations, so I’m trying to whittle down a list of good restaurants in Paris and in Prague that will make up for what I didn’t get to experience as a student.

Also, we are looking for some more unique and off track museums to explore.  We want to intersperse some more esoteric museums with the biggies like D’Orsay and the Louvre.

Anyone ever take a bike tour in either Paris or Prague?  Or have experience with the rental bike systems in either city?

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