Astrological forecasts for February 17-23, 2014


Island astrologer Arlan Wise shares her astrological forecasts with us each week on Mondays. This column is like a cosmic weather report. It is written for everyone based on the sign the moon is in that day and what the planets are doing. Don’t be confused by the signs. This is not like the usual Sun sign astrology columns you see. Go to and click on How To Read this Column for a full explanation. To arrange a personal reading, phone her at 1-(508)-645-9292.

Mercury turned retrograde on February 6. He remains in backwards motion all month and turns direct on February 28, but then Mars goes retrograde on March 1 and Saturn goes retrograde on March 2. Mercury turns retrograde at 3 degrees of Pisces and backs up to 18 degrees of Aquarius. Because he moves through two signs, he gives you a double dose of matters to review. The area in your chart that holds those degrees shows you where to expect reversals and what you need to work on.

The nodes of the moon change signs from Scorpio/Taurus to Libra/Aries on February 19. They are on an 18-year cycle so it will be helpful to think back to 1996-1997 so see what kind of events they will bring into your life. The major theme for everyone will be being in partnership vs. being on your own.

Monday, February 17 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 1:23 pm. Sleep in if you can on this holiday morning. Then continue cleaning and sorting until the moon changes sign. The afternoon is good for teamwork, or just pairing off with a buddy to go have fun. Today is the last full day of Aquarius and so you want to enjoy and use the emphasis on the airiness of pure thought that is around you.

Tuesday, February 18 – Moon in Libra. The Sun enters Pisces at 1 pm. Devote the day to your art. Even if you think you have none, there is something of beauty that you create. This is gentle energy and it’s easy to be nice and accommodating. You can find the words to soothe any feathers you’ve ruffled. You can make a friend out of someone with whom you’ve had discord.

Wednesday, February 19 – Moon in Libra, VC 4.52 pm. Go easy on yourself as you discover mistakes you’ve made and remember things that you’ve forgotten to do. You may need to apologize if your words came out too harsh and thus hurt feelings. Try to relax and let things happen. You can’t control much today, just try to keep in balance. Move furniture around to create better harmony in your house and office.

Thursday, February 20 – Moon in Scorpio. It’s a day when emotions are running high and you need to listen to your intuition. If you quiet your mind there are opportunities to receive inspiration. Following your gut feelings can bring you luck so take a chance if you feel it’s the right time to do so. It’s best to be alone so you can dig deeply into your work.

Friday, February 21 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 5:10 pm. It may feel like you haven’t gotten enough done this week. Try to focus on one thing that you feel passionate about and do it well. Let your sixth sense direct you today. Give another look for lost objects since you have a good chance of finding them. You’re in touch with the mystical world so enjoy hanging out there. Do something otherworldly tonight.

Saturday, February 22 – Moon in Sagittarius. Get out and have an adventure. Go away on a mini-trek or find a workshop to attend. You need to break out of your usual patterns this weekend. You want to escape daily life and expand your boundaries. It’s will be hard to sit still or stick to a schedule so don’t put yourself in a situation where you must. Eat at an ethnic restaurant and watch a video from another country.

Sunday, February 23 – Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun and Neptune have their annual love fest today giving us all the gift of mystical knowledge and great compassion. Honor the spirituality of the day. Have a long meditation. Hang out by water. Do an act of service by volunteering where your help is needed. Read spiritual literature and the words of the great mystics. Write a poem to express what you feel.