Weather alert: prepare for sunshine

Steve Myrick

Islanders should take appropriate precautions, and be prepared for abundant sunshine and warmer temperatures this weekend. Winter weary residents may need to make careful preparations to deal with the meteorological development, especially since many may no longer be familiar with these kinds of weather conditions.

While a line of thunderstorms is forecast to bring heavy rain to Martha’s Vineyard just after sundown Friday, according to the National Weather Service, the weekend is expected to be sunny or mostly sunny, with temperatures in the 40 to 45 degree range. Winds will be moderate from the southwest, according to weather service meteorologists.

Islanders may want to make sure they have an adequate supply of sunscreen, and refresh their knowledge about sunscreen use. It would be prudent to locate and clean sunglasses. Also, plan a safe route to Island public beaches, before you need to leave your home. When the beach urge calls, there may not be enough time to plan adequately.

It may also help to view the following images of Martha’s Vineyard, so the sunshine may not be so shocking when it arrives.
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