Connections made at Pathways this past Saturday

Husband and wife P.J. Woodford and Chrysal Parrot performed together this past Saturday at Pathways. — Photo by Susan Safford

This past Saturday evening, dancer Christina Montoya danced to the Flamenco-inspired hand clapping, or palmas, of her father Carlos, a percussion art he learned from his father, renowned Flamenco guitarist Carlos Montoya Sr. Their performance was just one part of the mixed media showcase at the Pathways Gathering Space, summer home of the Chilmark Tavern, in Chilmark.

The evening’s theme, “Connections,” included visual art and performances by connected people: relatives, partners, sisters, daughters, brothers, fathers, and mothers. The audience included people of all ages, many of whom busied themselves embellishing the paper table cloths on the tables with their own art with provided crayons, pencils, and pens. The Pathways plan is to incorporate the table clothes into a work of art this spring.

Dean and Karin Rosenthal performed an introspective, math-based, four-handed piano composition called “Combinations.” Dean also performed an invented conversation between himself and the composer John Cage, who was played by Pathways founder Marianne Goldberg of Chilmark.

The Taylors, mother Natasha and twin sisters Claudia and Paige, read personal narratives. Brother and sister Sabrina and Erich Luening sang several of Mr. Luening’s original compositions to his guitar accompaniment.

Visual art by Tobias and Nathan Shepard, Cyn and Kevin McGrath, Enos Ray and Shannon Rynd-Ray, hung on the walls.

The free evening of entertainment with snacks and drinks was another in a winter series of themed performances at Pathways. Ms. Goldberg, an artist and former dancer, said she created Pathways as a forum for emerging artists and a place where they could gather in the winter.

Upcoming events at Pathways include a poetry reading on Thursday, Feb. 27, with Patrick Phillips and Samantha Barrow, followed by an open poetry jam. Poets can sign up for readings between 6 and the start of the show at 7 pm. The event is open and free to all poets, writers, and anyone who would like to listen to new work.

On Friday, Feb. 28, there will be an evening of music with singer/songwriter Dan Waters, guitarist Eric Johnson, and other Island jazz musicians followed by an open jam. Sign up for the jazz jam between 6 and 7 pm.

For more information, email, or call Tanya Augoustinos at 917-378-0662.