Rep. Madden wishes centenarian a happy birthday

Representative Tim Madden visited Charlean Corrigan at Windemere to help her celebrate her 100th birthday. — Photo courtesy of Representative Tim Madden

On Thursday, February 20, Representative Tim Madden surprised Charleane Corrigan during her lunch at Windemere and presented her with a citation to celebrate her recent birthday on January 27. Ms. Corrigan, a resident of Windemere, was taken aback and delighted at the visit. She said all she did was turn 100.

“Ms. Corrigan and the other residents who were there for the lunch seemed like they really appreciate Windemere and it certainly seems like a warm and welcoming spot allowing constituents with connections to the Island an opportunity to stay close to their homes and family,” Representative Madden said. “I was also very impressed with the staff that I met: they were extremely helpful and attentive.”

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