Support for the bowling alley


As year-round residents of Oak Bluffs, we write to express our support for the bowling alley project as proposed by Sam Dunn.

We urge the M.V. Commission to approve this project and let it go forward. It is appropriately placed and well-planned. It will be a welcome addition to this town and the whole island.

It seems to us that the developer has created a good plan, and has openly worked with the concerns and answered all questions that can be answered. He has proven through other projects to present beautiful and practical results.

We feel confident that the town of Oak Bluffs is capable of enforcing adherence to town laws and bylaws by a business. This developer will be subject to the laws of the town, regarding closing times, noise levels, patron behavior, parking.

We have lived here for almost 40 years. It is rare to have someone step forward with the resources to improve a decrepit building and bring a year-round source of activity and revenue into a town. In Oak Bluffs, we have been subject to more of the opposite — building owners letting their properties fall into neglect and disrepair. Please allow this project to come in and bring a new vitality to our community.

Joanne and Jeff Lambert

Oak Bluffs