Bowling alley business: Why not candlepins?

To the Editor:

I wish that Sam Dunn would consider a candlepin bowling alley as opposed to the 10-pin that I have heard will be in play. I feel that the smaller balls would afford a larger population to be able to play — small children and the handicapped, for instance. It seems the 10-pin are geared towards a certain part of the population, and that’s where the bar comes into play.  I don’t live in the area, but I don’t understand why we need yet another bar in O.B. We have enough noise and reckless drunks who are allowed to pour into the streets and get in their cars at closing.

Really, what do you have for the kids and handicapped to enjoy in their free time? You have the game room and the Flying Horses. A candlepin alley would be the right choice, and, if you must serve alcohol, limit it to beer and wine. But again, why?

Cathy Peters

Oak Bluffs