Food meets art at “Creative Plates” fundraiser


Foodies and art-lovers alike will converge at the “Creative Artists Plates” event at State Road Restaurant on Wednesday, March 26, at 6:30 pm. The combination dinner and art show, co-presented by State Road and Whatever the Outcome, will benefit the Island Grown Initiative.

Whatever the Outcome, an art project launched last summer, involves a work of art which gets divided into pieces, and then reassembled by the public. Traditionally, the artwork has taken the form of magnetic puzzle pieces painted by one artist. The March 26 installation of the series will include work by 13 artists. According to Whatever the Outcome curator Craig Miner, Randi Baird has taken an enormous photograph of a dinner table, set with everything but six plates. The plates will be decorated in teams by the other 12 artists involved, including Nathan Shepherd and Dick Iacovello, Josiah Sylvia and David Tierney, Angela Park Sayles and David Miller, Libby Ellis and Justin Ehren, Melissa Patterson and Cecily Stibetz, and Danielle Mulcahy and Walker T. Roman.

“The artists are working together to create some continuity between the two halves of the plate, but they are each bringing their own styles to the table,” Mr. Miner said. Mediums include everything from paint to three-dimensional metal work.

The “dinner table” will be assembled by guests at the event, while drinks and hors d’oeuvres are served. A family style dinner will follow.

Sixty tickets for the event (including dinner) are available for $100, and all proceeds will benefit the Island Grown Initiative. All artists involved have donated their time and work to the event, free of charge.

For tickets and more information, call 774-563-0128.

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