Erin Sullivan writes from Vineyard Haven

Erin Sullivan, flanked by some of his characters. — Photo by Eli Dagostino

After 18 is an ongoing series about what four graduates from the class of 2013 are doing this year. This week’s dispatch is the third from Erin Sullivan, who stayed on the Vineyard this year to work on a video game he created.

The past month has been a pretty big disappointment overall, but at the same time, it’s a little exciting to divert from what was planned. Due to complications, my family has to move, and find a new source of income.

I’m fairly used to this, and it’s what I and my parents, and I’m sure a few other locals call ‘The Island shuffle’. We’ve been moving and having to relocate since early 2008 when we moved off-Island to the Cape and I took the boat every day to the charter school. In 2009, we moved back to the Island, and began switching houses every 8 to 18 months after our leases were done and all that technical jib-jab. Fortunately, we think we’ve found a place on the Island to accommodate us, so I’ll still be able to see all my friends and people I love here.

The other unfortunate news is that I was declined for both majors (BFA in Digital Art and Animation and BA in Game Design) at my first choice college, so, in a way it was a pretty big slap to my face…I’ve been game deving and designing for the past 2 years, so having a school tell me I wasn’t ready was a bit demeaning, but at the end of the day, I think things work out the way they’re supposed to. Everything happens for a reason, so I must have bigger and greater things ahead of me than being a student at that school. (Or maybe I’m meant to become a hobo — destiny works in mysterious ways…)

At the end of the day, it just makes me want to work harder toward completing my goals. I now have my eyes set on Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts, and if possible, more motivation to improve at the games I play.

Driftwood is coming along nicely and we’ve continued to work at a consistent rate. The last few weeks have been fairly stressful for me and I’ve spent a lot less time writing than I should, but I think in due time once I settle down into a new house, find a job for the summer, and get situated with my schooling and college situation, I’ll be able to write much more freely and without other concerns lingering in my subconscious.

Recently, I was re-reading some of the stuff I wrote for Driftwood nearly a year ago, and I see the small errors I’ve made, but, I see how strong my writing has gotten and how much I’ve developed as an artist over the past few months. Sadly, I’m not willing to go back and polish the old stuff. Because I’m constantly growing, my work is getting better and better each year, so if I am constantly re-writing, I’ll never be able to finish. It’d be a never ending cycle of improving and revamping old content to match my skill now.

All I can do is hope that people enjoy what I’ve written.

As always, if you have any questions regarding Driftwood, or anything regarding the article or myself, you’re welcome to leave a question at my email.