Poets’ Corner: And So We Gave Her Horses


On our last day, we scoured Edgartown for chickens.

Plastic chickens, china chickens, wooden chickens.

Any chickens at all, for her West Tisbury tombstone.

But there are none to be found.

Edgartown is chicken-free this day.

No more chickens for Nancy Luce.

Then, at the Boys and Girls Club Thrift Store, gold!

Two beautiful toy horses, gaily carved, black and white

with bright red saddles, fuzzy manes and tails!

We named them Queequeg Naumkeag and Angelina Nashawena

and left them among her feathered flock.  Now, she can ride again.

Now, at last, she’s where she longed to be.  She’s free.

If horses were wishes and moments were years,

If starfish were comets and dewdrops were tears,

Then sadness, and sickness, and strife are all gone.

She’s trotting in Heaven and we’re traveling on.

Rob Burnside, a yearly visitor to Edgartown, is a retired firefighter and published poet (Chapbook “Falling Off the Bone” currently available on Amazon) from Swoyersville, PA.

Erika Funke is a classical DJ for 89.9FM, NPR’s affiliate in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and produces the daily feature “Art Scene.”